Petting Zoo

IMG_0951Our Petting Zoo started from a pure passion for caring and learning about animals. Most of our animals have been rescued, abandoned, donated and saved by us over the years. We are run by a team of animal lovers and are a non-profit organisation. Our animals live alongside our Kennels and are kept as “loved pets” by our team of volunteers and animal lovers and the revenue from The Petting Zoo helps to keep our pets fed on a veterinary approved balanced diet and housed in purpose built enclosures.

We have a large range of species and each animal has their own individual quirky characteristics that makes them so much different to the others. From learning about these fascinating creatures we want to allow people and especially children the opportunity to meet our animals in the form of a fun, unique experience. We also want to educate people on how difficult and expensive exotic animals are to care for and prevent further cruelty and neglect in the years to come because animals as living beings deserve the same respect as you and I do.
We make a huge difference with our animal encounters and hope to keep doing so in years to come.


Our mobile petting zoo provides a variety of fun, interactive and educational parties, workshops and fun day packages.

  • Ever growing reputation for our friendly, fun and educational animal encounters.
  • Friendly bunch of pets kept in the highest welfare standards
  • Able to tailor encounters for all ages and abilities
  • The only mobile Petting Zoo in UAE with more than 15 years experience.
  • An opportunity to introduce pets to children at an early age enabling them to gain a lifelong love and respect for animals.
  • 30 years experience working in the animal field.

Our animal welfare is the highest of standards. All our animals are kept as pets and come in for cuddles and sleepovers on a regular basis. All the animals are wormed, de-flead, bathed, walked (ferrets) just like your regular pets (so basically pampered). We are always updating the enclosures and rearranging them to provide stimulation and enrichment.


  • To provide a unique experience
  • To educate
  • To regain respect and reduce rescues and abuse
  • To take away children’s fear of animals
  • To show children love and responsibility at a young age
  • To give the opportunity to hold and touch animals of all species
  • To bond animals and people
  • Our Happy Customers
  • The Westin Hotel, The Royal Meridien Hotel, Gems Schools, yellow brick Road Nursery, The British School, Ibn Batoota Gate Hotel, (more to add)