Pet Grooming



Full Groom

  • Coat is brushed thoroughly
  • First Clip or/and scissor
  • Full Spa Treatment using professional shampoo's (best suited to your dogs coat and skin type) with deep cleansing oils.
  • Towel dry and blow-dry for the best finish
  • Clipping or scissor styled to your requirements or breed standard.

Full preventative care treatment given as required, including: Nails trimmed, ears cleaned and plucked, eyes cleaned and cleared of any debris, sanitation area cleared, hair between pads cleared out and skin checked.

At ACC we don't use cage or cabinet drying. All dogs are hand dried using the best drying equipment.

Individual Styling: EVERY DOG IS UNIQUE

Every dog is different and many of the same breed have individual shapes and different types of coats. We like to ensure your dog is styled to compliment its own body shape, coat type and of course his or her personality.






Puppies: Puppies are welcome after all vaccinations are complete. Puppies first grooming session will depend on the individual pup: our priority is to keep your puppy as happy and stress free as possible. Your new puppy will benefit from new sights, sounds and smells of the grooming environment from an early age and become

accustomed to being handled.

With a puppies first groom it's a case of what you can do as opposed to what you want to do. Many puppies first experience has a lasting impression and with a life time of grooming ahead of him or her a good experience is so important.

OAD: Old Age Dogs

Old age doesn't come alone. As we know when we get older we may slow down, have aches and pains and different sorts of problems, well it's no different for dogs. Many of our customers are old dogs and have all sorts of problems and many are arthritic.

Dogs like these need extra special care and we make sure that they get it. Elderly dogs are given as many breaks as they need and if a groom becomes too stressful we will end the grooming session, as they can always come back another day to be finished.

Our Grooming Policy: WE GROOM HUMANELY

Our policy when a dog is presented to us in a severely matted condition is to shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade. To groom out a matted coat would cause the dog massive distress, pain and discomfort, often leaving a very thin and damaged coat. Shaving the dog is far more humane. Many dogs are traumatized by hours of avoidable painful de-matting, putting them off grooming for life. We consider shaving in these circumstances an act of kindness. During the summer season we also recommend some dogs to have a very short coat to help them keep cool.

Matting leads to many skin conditions

  • Hot spots and sores
  • Skin rash
  • Flea infestation
  • Fungal and bacterial infection
  • Yeast infections
  • Moist eczema
  • Urine and faeces scalding
  • Maggot infestation
  • Eye and ear infections
  • Severe itching

Also parasites such as flea and ticks can be present without you knowing because the matted coat hides them.

Prevention is better than cure

Don't wait until he/she is matted book your next appointment NOW, to ensure your dog always feels good and well cared for. This could also save you unnecessary veterinary bills.

Thank you for understanding that we put your dogs welfare first. We cannot justify hours of torture. Coats grow back surprisingly quickly, but most importantly: