Dog Behaviour Consultations


Problem dogs are difficult to have in the home or outside on walks. Everybody would like a well behaved dog but not all dogs understand this and the messages we unwittingly give our dogs sometimes helps them to do exactly the opposite to what we wanted them to do!

Some of the problems we at the Animal Care Centre have successfully worked with are listed below, so let our in house qualified dog trainer help.

If your dog exhibits any of the following behaviours, or anything else let us help:

  • Sits in the window barking at people or dogs passing by
  • Decides when you can cuddle your other half.
  • Growls at you if you dare to touch or move them off the coach.
  • Digs the garden up
  • Separation anxiety ( bark, toilet or be destructive when left)
  • Pull on the lead
  • Recall (not come back when called)
  • Show aggression to other dogs and people
  • Jump all over your visitors
  • Chase cars, bicycles or joggers
  • Steal and guard items from you
  • Or is your dog just a bit of a handful and you need guidance
  • Maybe a new puppy or rescue dog and you would like advice on how to get back on track