Small Pets & Birds

IMG_1447Are you looking for somewhere to keep your beloved furry or feathery pet whilst you go on holiday?

Our specially designed Furry Friends Den provides secure comfortable accommodation for your rabbits, guinea-pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, rats, mice and any other cute little friend you may have. Just bring along your pets cage and toys and we will provide clean bedding, straw, and hay. The cages are cleaned out daily and fresh food and water is provided every morning
Your precious pet will be given lots of care and attention from our highly experienced small animal handlers as well as a daily exercise in our secure indoor exercise runs.Small Pets

We also take parrots, budgies and other birds into our aviary. You may bring along your parrots cage and toys and we will provide a nutritious diet every day We do try to stick to the same diet as they are provided at home as this prevents any upset tummys.
The parrots are talked to everyday by our Bird Handler who has had 30 years experience with our feathery friends

We accept snakes, turtles, tortoises and iguanas and any other reptile on vacation.

If you would like any questions answered please don’t hesitate to:
email: or call 050-6467792


For bookings please email us at your pets details and required dates and we will send you back a confirmation e-mail.